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About "Forever Formula" Program:

New high-converting dating & relationship program for a female audience.

It's based on real-life scientific studies and experiments, presented through captivating storytelling copy.

Unique, never used before angle and a new approach to dating and relationship niche.

It's perfect for email marketing since it has a great impact on lists; it offers something new and fresh while providing a lot of value.

The initial product price is $17; however, with the upsell offer in place, you will make around $25 per order.

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The forbidden truth about your man



Today I'm going to show you a dark, ancient secret that every man carries deep inside him, often unaware of it.

The secret is a chemical switch in his brain that, once activated, nothing can stop him from pulling away, cheating, and running from commitment.

This ancient, evolutionary mechanism will devastate even the most stable and thriving relationship in a matter of days if it gets put in motion.

However, once you are familiar with it, you won't be blindsided by it. You will be able to control it.

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P.S. Be sure to pay attention to the end of this study because it contains the key to flip the very same evolutionary mechanisms to your advantage, giving you a stable relationship full of joy and passion.

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Subject Line:

Once it's triggered, you will lose him forever



Have you ever noticed how your man changes once he's exposed to a new woman?

He'll stop in the middle of the sentence, start stuttering, will be stuck in the moment, dead frozen like a deer in headlights.

Or he'll almost immediately become another person, trying to look more funny, more handsome, or smarter than he actually is.

If you know what to look for during these moments, these signs are almost always there.

And chances are that she's not even that beautiful, attractive, or even charming.

And while this might look funny, harmless, and even cute, the truth is that something much bigger is going on during these moments.

A deep, unconscious, evolutionary force is starting to surface.

You're just seeing the tip of the iceberg of the most potent force in any man.

And that force is controlled by a chemical switch in your man's brain.

No one knows when it will be triggered or by whom.

But once it is, he will become a hostage to his very own hormones and urges, making stupid decisions that could destroy your relationship.

Eventually, he will become distant, cold and he will pull away.

And the worst part—once this evolutionary force is in motion, nothing can stop it.

So, today, I will share the scientific study that will not only familiarize you with this phenomenon, but will also teach you how to prevent, control, and even make it work in your favor.

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Be sure to arm yourself with this knowledge and never get blindsided.


P.S. A fair warning: By the end of the study, you will know how to get this force under your control and how to create it on-demand—creating vigorous lust, passion, and affection in him for you and only you.

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[[FIRSTNAME]], will he turn into a rat!?



Today I will share with you a controversial rat experiment that will change your perception of men, love, and relationships forever.

This strange experiment has been kept under the rug for over 50 years since its results could change the shape of society as we know it today.

Because this study demonstrates how easy it is to manipulate a man and take his free will from him.

It shows how little is needed for a man to become utterly obsessed with another woman, making him distant and cold toward the love of his life.

This intriguing study reveals a "biological switch" placed in every man's brain that has the power to destroy even the most beautiful romantic relationship.

Once triggered, this "brain switch" will override the rational part of the brain, stripping them down to their pure, almost animal-like urges that are practically impossible to stop until it's too late.

However, if you familiarize yourself with this phenomenon, you can protect yourself, your man, and your relationship.

Or you can make it work in your favor, making it the most powerful tool for maintaining your romantic relationship's longevity and happiness.

Today, you have a unique opportunity to access this controversial study.

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In just a few short seconds, you will know the truth about men, romance, and relationships that has been kept a secret from you for more than a half-century.

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Subject Line:

[[FIRSTNAME]], why is so easy for men?



Have you ever wondered why it is so easy for men to change their feelings towards you, pull away, and even cheat?

How is it even possible for them to become so emotionally distant and cold almost overnight when everything is on the right track?

And why do they need so little to become attracted to and obsessed with another woman?

It's as if all the beautiful memories and everything you built together becomes insignificant to them, they move on and leave you behind almost instantly.

Is it possible that this kind of behavior is deeply programmed in the very nature of every man?

And if it is — is there a way to reverse it, get it under control, or at least not get blindsided by it?

If you want to get all the answers to these and many other questions, I strongly advise you to check out this controversial study.

It will reveal the real male nature and the way they are hardwired.

And not only that, you will learn how to control their irrational, almost primitive urges.

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See you there,