The Bizarre Phenomenon That Makes Any Man Lie, Cheat and Pull Away Finally Revealed & Scientifically Proven 

Like so many other important discoveries in the history of humanity, this one started with a rat experiment, too:

An adult, healthy and well-fed male rat, about 100 days old was placed in a box.

For the sake of the story, let’s call him Jeff.

So, Jeff was healthy, fed, and in his prime. And the box was large enough for Jeff to feel comfortable in it.

 If there was a way, Jeff would probably tell us that life was good to him.

However, what Jeff didn’t know is that his life was about to take an unexpected turn.

He would lose sleep, appetite, and worst of all - he'd lose his free will.

And it all started with one new rat in his life. A young, fresh-looking female rat.

So, out of the blue, a new female rat, Sabrina, was placed next to him in his box.

As expected, Jeff lost his mind in an instant.

He fell madly in love with Sabrina.

And if Jeff and Sabrina were humans, they would start dating, wining and dining, getting to know each other, talking about the future and goals, taking well-known steps towards a beautiful romance.

However, since they were two Long-Evans rats, they start mating almost right away. Seven times in a row.

And if we could ask him, Jeff would tell you that Sabrina was the one for him. That she was perfect for him, he cared about her, she’s going to be the mother of his children, and a partner for life.

Until she wasn't.

After the seventh copulation, Jeff was done. He was exhausted, hungry, and sleepy. Fully satisfied and probably happy.

However, this is where the trouble started for Jeff.

Without warning, Sabrina was taken out from his box.

And Jasmine took her place. Without warning, a new, fresh-looking female rat took Sabrina's place in Jeff's box.

That's the moment when Jeff’s transformation began.

As soon as he smelled the new female rat, Jasmine, Jeff’s energy and libido revitalized.

Once again, he was besotted.

And once again, he was down to business in no time, mating like there's no tomorrow.

All the sleepiness - gone.

All the tiredness - gone.

And all the hunger - gone.

He was re-energized and full of life.

But what about Sabrina, the love of his life?

Well, out of sight, out of mind. Jeff forgot about Sabrina, the previous rat, as soon as he sensed Jasmine’s smell for the first time.

All he could focus on was to mate as much as physically possible with Jasmine, a new, young female rat.

And after several successful copulations, Jeff was exhausted again, even more than before, and his desire for Jasmine was temporarily gone. He was ready to finally go to sleep.

Except he wasn't allowed to.

Because the very instant he showed no more interest in Jasmine, she was removed from his box, and a new, third female rat took her place.

Once again, Jeff felt the surge of new energy and restored libido through his tiny body.

Once again, he couldn't resist the need to mate, and even though he was utterly exhausted.

Even though he started shooting blanks. Even though he was hungry, sleepy, and tired. But still, the urge to keep going was too strong to resist.

Because something deeply evolutionary was stronger than any other need, and he was all over the new female until his strength finally ebbed away and he ended up on the box floor unable to move.

You see, the process in this experiment was self-repeating:

A young, healthy female rat would be placed with Jeff in the box and Jeff would become uncontrollably and desperately attracted to her.

He would mate until complete satiation. About seven times on average.

Once Jeff showed no more interest in mating with the familiar rat, that female rat would be replaced with a new female rat.

And almost immediately, Jeff would be revitalized, and he would immediately be all over the new female rat.

After each copulation, more tired, more hungry, and more sleepy.

But he couldn't stop. Not as long as there was even an atom of energy in his tiny body.

In the end, with the third female rat, the experiment finished the only way it could: once the last ounce of his strength was finally depleted, Jeff fell on the floor of the box fully exhausted.

This experiment took place back in 1963 and since then has been successfully repeated countless times.

There was this strange evolutionary force in male rats that would give them super-strength and endurance, and cause a lack of need for sleep and food each time when a new female rat was introduced.

During these moments, the only important thing was matinguntil complete exhaustion.

However, the story didn't end there.

This was just the beginning of almost 60 years long research on this phenomenon.

This experiment brought up many important questions...

Was this phenomenon related only to rats?

Or were there are other animals affected by it?

After this little experiment with rats, the same experiment was done with different animal species: chimpanzees, rhesus monkeys, sheep, cattle, hamsters, voles, mice, guinea pigs, cats, pigs, Japanese quail, and many others.

And the results were always the same:

An exhausted male specimen, who showed no more energy nor interest in mating with a familiar female, was revitalized in an instant when a new female was introduced.

It was obvious that there was something more to this behavior.

Something way beyond critical thinking and decision making.

Something evolutionary, that could have some traces in human kind, affecting their decision making, romance and life in general.

It was time to move on to human experiments.

However, as you can imagine, it was impossible (or unethical at least) to lock a man in a cage and keep replacing a woman by another one (even though it wouldn't have been so hard to find male volunteers).

So, some of these experiments were done with female pictures, audio scripts, and adult movies.

I won't go into great details here about the procedures and methods used during these experiments (after all, we have to keep it PG here;), but the same pattern was observed.

After some time, men would lose their interest in stimulating material, and their libido would constantly decrease.

However, once the familiar material would be replaced with one that contained a new female actress - a man's libido and desire would peak instantly.

And that wasn't something that a man could control or have any effect on it.

Today, this behavioral phenomenon is well researched, proven, and still very intriguing.

It's called the Coolidge effect.

And even though it's something evolutionary that was extremely useful during the early days of humanity, ensuring that a male specimen would have as many descendants as possible, the Coolidge effect still has a tremendous impact on modern, monogamous relationship.

And it’s not a good one.

You see, men still prefer having more intimate partners than do women - an average man would like to have about 14 female partners in a lifetime, while women on average have two intimate partners.

Maybe one of the most radical experiments happened back in 1978, on a campus of Florida State University.

An averagely attractive female interviewer would approach a male student, tell him that she'd been seeing him around the campus, finding him attractive, and she would ask him a direct, bold question: "Would you go to bed with me tonight?"

In total, she approached 48 male students.


75% of them agreed to accept her invitation to go to bed with her without a second thought!

Some of them even responded with, "Why do we have to wait until tonight?"

(By the way, the experiment was also repeated with a male interviewer asking 48 female participants the very same question. What do you think the results were? How many females agreed to such a request? Exactly none of them.)

Variety is important to men. That is the fact.

However, when this variety of partners is not an option, men will turn to fantasies.

Do you know what is the average number of different women men fantasize about during their lifetime?

Around a thousand. Yes, the fantasies are mostly impersonal, but still, it's a huge number.

And all these numbers tell us how extremely powerful the Coolidge effect still is in modern men.

The Coolidge effect has the power to make even a smart, decent, family oriented man, do stupid, completely unnecessary things such as:

  • cheating on his devoted wife with some random woman he just met;
  • thinking and believing that he is madly in love with a new coworker;
  • leaving a loving wife and destroying a family for a younger woman that "makes him feel younger";
  • paying prostitutes;
  • getting addicted to pornography (after all, the whole adult industry is completely built on this phenomenon);

And when they are asked to explain their behavior, the men usually say: I don't know, it just happened.

And today the Coolidge effect thrives more than ever before. Thanks to social media and modern technologies - everything and everyone is accessible.

Every man is like a ticking time bomb that could go off any moment, taking with him a lot of casualties.

However, here's the important part:

There is almost no proof that the Coolidge effect exists or affects the female population.

A female brain is differently wired than that of males, and you are not affected by this phenomenon.

Also, looking from an evolutionary point, female specimens had to be more careful when choosing a mating partner.

And this is fantastic news.

Because this immunity to the Coolidge effect gives you the priceless ability to elevate from this behavior phenomenon and even take control of it.

Make it work in your favor, bringing only the good stuff to your relationship instead of devastating it.

And this good stuff can help you set your relationship on a path of stability, longevity and long-lasting happiness.

However, first, you need to understand exactly is going on in a male brain.

Luckily for us, today, such a task is not only possible, but we can present a male brain on a screen like an unfolded map, with all the right directions on it.

With the help of modern technologies today, we can actually scan a male brain when Coolidge kicks in, take photos of it while it's cooking under a hormone rush and see precisely what is going on in moments like these.

And the answer is quite simple and very complex at the same time.

Simple, because it all comes down to hormones and neurotransmitters.

Complex, because there is a huge list of them, and they are interfering with each other.

However, you don't need to know all of them.

Actually, it comes down to only 3 main hormones.

You see, there are 3 major hormones in a male brain that can turn your life into a living nightmare or make your relationship thrive like never before.

You see, these 3 hormones have proven the ability to transform any human male brain into a zombie-looking creature with only one thing on his mind - to conquer that new female in his life.

And once even one of these hormones reaches the critical amount in a human brain, and things get in motion - it's almost impossible to stop them.

And during these moments, all the rational thinking and decision making are out of the picture.

Because these patterns were deeply encoded into the males’ nature by evolution a long, long time ago.

And at that moment, two things can happen:

You lose your man and relationship that you have been investing in since the first day


Recognize what is going on and turn the tables to your advantage.

And to be able to do that, I created a complete report for you, a kind of guide through three hormones that take control over your man when the right situation presents itself.

And it doesn't stop there.

To make it even easier for you to use in everyday life, I created a special formula that sums up everything you must know about this phenomenon and how to force it to work for you:

DISCLAIMER: Forever Formula is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

Before everything else, you should know that Forever Formula is a collection of various scientific research written in everyday, easy to understand language in the form of short stories.

And not only is it easy to follow and understand (remember, these are serious topics about evolution, hormones, and effects on your man and relationship), but it also gives you practical advice for each problem that you can apply immediately.

I promise you that you will go through the Forever Formula in one breath and get instant insight into some crucial information on how the male brain works and how you can use it as your irreplaceable asset in creating romance and intimacy.

You see, the Forever Formula is about using this ancient evolutionary mechanism that’s buried deep in your man's nature and still very powerful and activating it as your tool to protect and fight for your relationship stability and longevity.

Once you get familiar with the Forever Formula report, you will be able to understand and even control 3 evolutionary programmed stages that every man goes through:

  1. plain, intense, and mostly impersonal desire towards almost any woman
  2. uncontrollable obsession, compulsive thoughts, and irreversible falling in love with the one woman.
  3. spontaneous process of bonding that leads to unquestionable devotion, affinity, and loyalty that could last indefinitely.

Once you get familiar with these stages, you become able to recognize them in your man, and know what type of action you need to take, your relationship will stand strong and bulletproof against the Coolidge effect and other temptations your man might go through over the course of your relationship lifetime.

And not only that, but you will also be able to create those reaction on demand - directed towards you, under your terms and conditions, drastically increasing the quality of your relationship.

This is the must-read report for you if you have noticed that:

  • there is a decrease in intimacy in your relationship
  • there's a noticeable decrease in your man's libido
  • there are other women besides you in his life he keeps in touch with (just a friend, that’s what he says)
  • there are female colleagues or business partners in his presence on a daily basis
  • he has a history of being attracted to other women or even cheating
  • there are bursts of unprovoked hostile behavior towards you from time to time
  • he's active on social media and very protective about his smartphone

And many other things and behaviors that you know shouldn't be happening to devoted couples.

And because the Forever Formula report is such a critical report to have, I made it accessible on multiple levels.

You Pay Only $17

It's written in everyday language with a lot of practical advice so that you won't have any problems going through and understanding the complex subjects.

The Forever Formula comes in PDF format, so you can get instant access no matter your location in the world or the device you are using to access it.

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Also, it comes at the affordable price of only $17 for knowledge that will serve you for life!

And you should know that the $17 price is only during this promotional period. After that, it will go up to $67.

So, you should definitely think deeply about taking action and obtaining your copy right away.

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That means, if you don't find the Forever Formula report useful in two whole months or think that it's just another fluff that can be found around the internet for free - I will personally give you a full refund, no questions asked.

And you get to keep your copy of the Forever Formula.

So, it's really a no-brainer opportunity for you.

You Pay Only $17

What an absolutely fascinating study. 

Laura-Kim Le Roux

What an absolutely fascinating study. Even healthy relationships can be so complex and tricky to navigate. We often assume our partners actions are driven by something we have done, but very often they are driven by pure emotions that have nothing to do with us. The 3-step formula is a clear, concise and easy way of learning how our partners function, how to take advantage of that and use it to create a loving, positive and reciprocal relationship.

So, now it really comes down to two choices:

You can forget everything you have discovered here today and ignore the existence of the Coolidge effect, going through your life hoping that your relationship can survive on its own.

Maybe everything will sort out just fine by itself.

Maybe you will never have to deal with the hell of your man getting obsessed with another woman or getting restless because of his evolutionary need for variety.

You can take that long shot and delude yourself that he's unique and completely "Coolidge-free."


You can be realistic and take control over this situation and seize your opportunity to make things even better than before.

You can decide to get your hands on the Forever Formula in an instant (for the ridiculously low price of $17) and discover how to make your love life untouchable from these constant threats caused by your man's nature itself.

I'll leave it to you to make the right decision that will make (or prevent) a crucial change in your romantic life.

You Pay Only $17

Regardless of your decision today, I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world,


Once again, keep in mind that you are completely covered with a 60-day no-question-asked money-back guarantee.

See you soon!

You Pay Only $17


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