"Lucas cheated on me and I caught him. It was on my birthday. He won’t open up and tell me what caused this. He gets angry or gives me the silent treatment.

I feel now that from the beginning he always had other girls. I just never knew about it. We never married in the proper way because I got pregnant and I feel he wanted to do the right thing. He says he loves me.

I love him too, and I do want to be with him but I know our situation is extremely complicated.

Should I give up on him?

If you were in Mary’s shoes, what would you do?

It's easy to say that she should dump Lucas and move on as a single mother.

And it's even easier to conclude that it's better to be alone than with a cheating jerk.

However, as you noticed, Mary’s situation is not an isolated case.

Moreover, it's like a pandemic of unfaithfulness, dishonesty, and "complicated" relationship these days.

And it's hard to give smart advice.

On the one hand, no one should stay in an unhealthy, harmful relationship.

No woman should tolerate dishonesty and cheating.

However, sometimes it looks like no matter how many men and relationships you go through, it always ends up the same way.

Has this type of male behavior become a new normal!?

And if it has, does that mean that a woman should never lower her emotional shields and enjoy a beautiful, romantic relationship?

Is there a way to know how it will all end from the very beginning?

It always starts so promising and strangely easygoing, there's that great communication from the very beginning, full of mutual respect and understanding.

You are amazed at how easy it is to talk, share and open yourself to him.

And he will find a way to show that he can be the person you need him to be.

He will be there for you, supportive and caring, always finding some extra time just for you two.

And before you know it, you start to trust him.

You want to believe that you can count on him and feel safe around him.

And then, all of a sudden, he becomes somebody else.

Without warning, he changes into a person you don't recognize and do not like, and that change starts affecting everything you had in common.

All of a sudden, he becomes impatient, distant and cold.

You can feel that he's drifting away from you, yet, no matter what you do, it only makes things worse.

And you don't want to give up on him. You remember all the beautiful moments and everything you built together.

You want to fight and win back your relationship, love and affection because you know how much you invested to make it work in the first place.

But he keeps confusing you.

He will blame you for pushing him too hard, not understanding him and not giving him enough space.

He may even make it seem like the forthcoming relationship doom is all your fault.

And you may even start believing him.

However, what you don’t know is that this kind of destructive behavior has nothing to do with you.

It is guided by a deep, unconscious, evolutionary force that lies hidden in every man.

No one knows when it will be triggered or by whom.

Because that deep, evolutionary force is controlled by a chemical switch in your man's brain.

And once it's triggered, he will become a hostage to his own hormones and urges, making stupid decisions that could destroy your relationship.

And the worst part — once this evolutionary force is in motion, nothing can stop it.

It doesn't matter if you are in a relationship, married, or single — you should know what's really going on behind the curtain.

Get familiar with this destructive force before it takes a toll on you, your romantic relationship and even the man of your life.

Because once it gets in motion, it will leave you physically and emotionally drained and, above all, confused.

Now is your chance to not only to understand what's really going on in his head, but also to discover how to prevent, control, and even make this brain switch work in your favor.

Ready to start?

This strange journey will start with a simple lab experiment that has been hidden from the public for over 50 years:

==> Yes, take me to the lab!

See you there,


A fair warning: By the end of the study, you will know how to have this force under your control and how to create it on-demand—creating vigorous lust, passion, and affection in him for you and only you.

Start here.

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